Fixed Ceiling Lift

M-Series Essential

Designed for use by caregivers and health care professionals to lift and transfer a person in a homecare, assisted-living or hospital environment.

The era of lifting patients manually is over

Lithium-ion batteries give the M-Series powerful advantages in performance, reliability and overall user experience.  Streamlined functionality delivers the ideal combination of safety, simplicity and value for home, group home and long term care environments.

Easy to install, easy to operate, easy to own.


Durable and reliable

Time-tested performance backed by an outstanding 3-year warranty–including batteries.

Fast, simple installation

Patented FastTrack brackets add precision and speed for secure, hassle-free installation.

A Safety “First”.

Innovate SureClip™ latch design provides an extra measure of safety when securing loop sling attachment.

Trouble-free touches

Lithium-ion power is just the start. All M-Series lifts are loaded with features to ensure efficient operation with near-zero downtime. Like Soft start /Soft stop function to reduce motor and transmission wear. And no-fray strap routing to inhibit twisting and abrasion.

At the core: Lithium-ion Battery Technology

Lithium-ion batteries give the M-Series powerful advantages in reliability, user experience and cost of ownership over traditional lead-acid battery lifts:

  • 4X more powerful and 4X lighter
  • 50% more lifting cycles: 80 cycles with a 91 kg user on one charge
  • Quick charge in 30 minutes, or 2 hours to charge from full depletion
  • 150% longer average battery lifespan (5 years vs 12-14 months ) means far fewer replacements and related service calls
  • No Memory Effect: Performance and ability to charge fully will not degrade over time
  • Greener: greatly reduces bulk and frequency of disposal

Better. Stronger. Faster.

The reduced weight and size of lithium-ion batteries allows use of larger, more robust transmission components. The result: Noticeably faster, smoother lifting even at the highest capacity.

Durability, value & lower cost of ownership
  • 3- year warranty
  • Soft start / Soft stop reduces wear on motor and transmission
  • No-fray design inhibits strap twisting, eliminating abrasion that requires frequent replacement
  • Minimal downtime: Simple maintenance, in many cases without removal from track
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