Through-the-floor accessibility lift

No hoistway required

The Savaria Telecab17 is built on the same platform as our popular V-1504 wheelchair platform lift. It features a robust and reliable hydraulic drive system enclosed in a tower eliminating the need for a separate machine room. The enclosed cab with acrylic panels provides an elevator feel to this lift.

  • Innovative “vanishing” through-the-floor accessibility lift
  • Capacity of 384 kg to accommodate heavier mobility equipment
  • Stylish modern cab available in two standard sizes with one door access; services two stops and up to 7 m of travel
  • Operates by continuous pressure buttons; sensors to stop the unit if it detects an obstruction in either direction
  • Installation does not require hoistway and therefore minimal construction
  • Saves space: no machine room required, and enclosed drive tower keeps mechanical components safe and out of sight
The nuts and bolts
    • Innovative and space-saving design: “Vanishing” elevator, sleek modern styling with clear acrylic panels to blend with your home décor.
    • No hoistway or pit required: Fully enclosed drive tower designed for safety and aesthetics. Only a support wall and floor cut-out are required.
    • Standard finish options: Powder-coated aluminium frame (white) with clear acrylic window panels.
    • Other standard features: Constant pressure controls for operation with keyless or keyed access on car and call stations, cab top and bottom sensor stops the unit from moving when pressure is detected, left or right hand opening door; hydraulic door closer.
    • Safety features: Interior lighting, emergency stop and alarm buttons, battery lowering in case of power failure as well as manual emergency lowering, telephone, non-skid platform, sensors on the top and underpan to stop the unit if it detects an obstruction, pressure relief valve to prevent platform overload, door interlock, and slack chain safety device.
    • Warranty: 36-month manufacturer’s parts warranty. Ask your Savaria representative for details.
    • Cab sizes:
      W762 mm x L1168 mm x H2032 mm, Type 5
      W914 mm x L1372 mm x H2032 mm, Type 5
    • Other options: Optional battery backup power for up to 5 trips up and down in case of power failure
    • Applications: Residential, indoor
    • Capacity: 384 kg
    • Maximum travel distance: 7 m with 2 stops
    • Nominal Speed: 0.1 m/s
    • Floor cutout: 1537 mm x 895 mm for 762 mm x 1168 mm cab; 1740 mm x 1048 mm for 914 mm x 1372 mm cab
    • Minimum overhead required: 2438 mm to have 152 mm minimum clearance by code, 2337 mm requires variance
    • Drive: 2:1 roller chain hydraulic
    • Motor/pump: 240 volt, 20 Amp, single phase, 50 Hz, gear type hydraulic pump
    • Code compliance: ASME A17.1
Savaria Telecab17 home lift
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