Portable Ceiling Lift

Easily carried from room to room or place to place

Powerfully light. Simply strong.

The Savaria portable ceiling lift was designed from the ground up to be a truly portable lift – one that can be easily carried from room to room or place to place when needed. At the heart of the system, a lithium battery system delivers patient lifting power with significantly less product weight than industry competitors.

A lithium-ion battery delivers the power

  • More lift cycles: delivers 50% more lift cycles per charge than industry average, average of 80 cycles on one charge
  • Less charging time: recharges from full depletion in only 2 hours, with daily charge needed of only 15 to 30 minutes
  • Fewer replacements: battery replacement estimated at every 5 years with normal usage
  • Greener: no lead acid disposal issues and longer life of battery
  • No memory effect: battery does not deteriorate from constant charging
  • Ultra light: only 5 kg (11 lb) makes the lift easy to carry
  • Small yet powerful: available in 130 kg (286 lb) and 200 kg (440 lb capacity models)
Savaria Portable Ceiling Lift PL holding

Easy to use

Whether you use the hand pendant, or the motor unit controls, you will experience an intuitive design for up and down commands. There are no extraneous bells and whistles to create confusion, or break downs.

Fast, even with more weight

The powerful system delivers speeds 30% faster than the competition, even when used at higher capacity.

Savaria Portable Ceiling Lift PL

Flexible use

The Savaria portable lift can be paired with the Savaria Gantry for semi-permanent use. This is an ideal set up for patient transfer from bed to wheelchair. In locations where a fixed track cannot be installed, such as a hotel or rental property, the portable lift + gantry delivers a compact lifting system for short or longer term use.

SureClip system

Traditional designs use a clip that opens inward. While that makes the clip easy to push during attachment of the sling, it also introduces a common mis-use issue whereby the caregiver mistakenly believes the sling has been securely fastened when in fact the sling loop is not inside the clip. The Savaria SureClip system opens outward to create a more secure method of attaching the sling to lift.

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